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Silverfish Pest Control Alexandria, MN

Silverfish are wingless insects. You can see them crawling on your floors or your walls anywhere within your home or business. They are pesky insects. Silverfish love paper, including books, and cardboard. This is where they will usually lay their eggs. Eggs cannot survive in temperatures under 72 degrees. Adult silverfish, however, can survive in temperatures above 72 degrees. They are harmless insects, but no one wants a bug in their home or business.

There is no need to fear silverfish as they do not carry any disease, however, if you have an infestation, there could be a need for concern. A silverfish will cause more damage to the goods within your home than anything else. A silverfish can survive without food for a long time, and they emulate quite often. Silverfish can climb, therefore they can be found on your walls, floors, around your doors frames, as in many other areas. If you have opened packages of food, such as sugar or flour, you want to make sure you have these items sealed as silverfish will make their way into your food.

Let Steffel Pest Control provide you with the proper treatment of getting rid of the silverfish in or around your home. It is necessary to have the correct treatment rather than trying to do it yourself.

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