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Powder Post Beetles

Powderpost Beetle Control Alexandria, MN

The word powderpost beetle is characterized by its ability to chew through the wood until it is just that… powder. These beetles are small in size, but create a lot of damage to wood. Similar to termites, they can cause havoc in the wood that is used to build your home, your furniture, or even hardwood floors. Because they cannot eat or absorb the wood that they are chewing, you will see small piles of wood in a flour-like substance on the surface. The powderpost beetle will make a channel through your wood surfaces, leaving the wood weak and vulnerable.

More than likely the powderpost beetle will lay their eggs in the areas that they have chewed on. They lay these eggs on the shallow surface that they have created. If these beetles have laid eggs within the wood that is being used to build your home, you will definitely have an infestation of these powderpost beetles after your home is built. The best thing to do is have a professional take care of this infestation in any wood piles you may have around your property. Steffel Pest Control can assess your problem of any infestation, and revisit to make sure the problem has been resolved.

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