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Boxelder Bug

Boxelder Bug Pest Control Alexandria, MN

A boxelder bug has similarities to other bugs due to their orange and black color. A boxelder bug will get its food and sap mainly from boxelder trees, and other trees in the maple tree family. Part of their diet also includes seeds and sap. A female boxelder bug will lay her eggs in the springtime. These eggs take approximately two weeks to hatch. Once they hatch they are red in color. As they grow they will get dark marks on them. A boxelder bug does not like the cold weather, so this is when they might enter your home. The best way to keep them out of your home is to make sure your doors and windows are sealed properly. If there are any cracks around your doors or windows, they will surely find their way into your home.  If you have a tree close to the entrance of your home, you may want to remove it, as this is where they get their food. These bugs are not dangerous, nor do they cause considerable destruction to your home or building. They are mainly just a nuisance.

The boxelder bug commonly does not bite, however, they have the capability to perforate your skin. By doing so it will create a red spot and cause your skin to become irritated. If you are known to have allergic reactions to bugs that bite, it would benefit you to seek medical attention as a precaution. In order to get rid of these bugs, make sure you call a professional to do so.

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