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Beetles Pest Control Alexandria, MN

Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are found in wool rugs and carpeting as well as hair, feathers, silk, fur, grains, spices, and foods. They like to feed in dark places such as baseboards and closets. They thrive in homes, warehouses, and other places food exists. They are often confused with fleas and bed bugs.

With weekly vacuuming and dusting of these areas (pantry, carpet, rugs, furniture) will help manage and reduce the number they are breeding.

Larder Beetles

The larder beetles are found in homes but mainly in areas of high protein such as dead insects or other bugs, flies, mice inside walls, garages, or attics. They also feed on furs, feathers, hair, dried fish, and pet foods.

Often vacuuming the area they are most seen will help reduce and manage the infestation. Keeping all cracks, crevices, and edges clean from debris will help and control can be achieved.


Cigarette Beetles

As the name states, these beetles are mainly found feeding on tobacco that is stored, as well as dry dog food, cottonseed, paprika, beans and dried flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Where these items are stored, in the early evenings, you may see brown colored beetles flying around as well as holes in packaging.

These infestations will contaminate food items being stored in your home yet they are not known to carry any known diseases. Calling a professional would be best for these pests and they have been known to feed on pyrethrum which is an active ingredient that is found in most insect baits and in-home insecticides.

Saw-Toothed Grain Beetle

The saw-toothed grain beetles are commonly found in stored grain. These beetles are slender, flat, brown beetles. They are often confused with closely related species but just like their name says these beetles have six saw-like teeth on each side of the thorax.

Call us if you are seeing any beetles in your dry foods and dog foods.


Red Flour Beetles

The red flour beetle is a common insect pest that comes from dry, stored food products. such as flour, cake mix, cornmeal, crackers, dry pet food. The white larvae will be found in an infested food item as the adult beetles often wander away from the infested material and will be found anywhere in the house but mostly inside cupboards.

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