Steffel Pest Control

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Why should I choose your Services?

* Steffel Pest Control is locally owned and operated
* Over 18 years experience
* Technicians are professional in appearance
* Residential / Commercial specialist

Why should I hire a service when I can do it myself?

* We offer the latest and most effective products
* The knowledge of the products to get the job done right
* Our technicians know the habits, life cycles, food preferences of the rodent/pest they are treating
* We handle all products safely and knows when and where to apply them

How long after the treatment does it take to see results?

* Time of results will vary with the rodent/pest and the way it was treated

Why does it take more than one appointment for fleas and bed bugs?

* Fleas and bed bugs have different life cycles than other pests. During phases of their life they do not succumb to treatments, we must “catch” them between these dormant cycles to manage.

Why should I continue with service when I no longer seem to have pests?

* If you don’t keep up routine maintenance you eventually will have problems
* Continuing the service will keep the pests from starting